Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rohi's Easter Escape

Rohi had a great break for the school holidays. I hope you enjoy her video. She has been busy moving around the classrooms at our school and spending the day with all our students. She has four more days with us then she is going to Hamilton.

This is how she spent her day with our year one students.
This is how she spent her day with our year two students.

There is more to come as our year 3 to six students are creating their own blog posts about her. They have photos and stories in draft at the moment. John managed to post some of his story for you.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. John we LOVE your story about Rohi and she loves it too. Kea are very clever birds and great problem solvers. We think your story shows just what an amazing problem solver Rohi is. What an exciting story. We were a little worried when Rohi was hit by the lightning - do you think that's why she developed such amazing super powers? We tried to comment on your Kid Blog but it wouldn't let us so we left you a comment here instead. Tell Ms Matthews that we love the movie she made.
    From Mrs McGhie & Room 16