Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christie's Day With Rohi

This is Christie's story and slide show...

My day with Rohi

When I got home with Rohi we fed the fish in the pond and helped Mum bring in the washing. We played on the trampoline and swings and I showed him around my garden. He blended in with most of the plants. He met our dog Louie and our cat, Muffin!!! We came inside and he helped me with my guitar practice, he was a big help!! Rohi was getting hungry so we helped Mum cook tea. Me and Rohi set the table. Tea was delicious! After tea we looked down the stairway. Rohi said “it was awfully steep”. After we looked down the stairway we practiced my rhythmic gymnistics, Rohi is very good! Then we helped Mum do some baking for the school fair and the shared lunch tomorrow, yummy cheese muffins - mmmm. After baking we watched a little tv and then played on the computer. Now we are off to brush our teeth and hop into bed to read for a little while! It has been a busy afternoon!

By Christie

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