Thursday, February 10, 2011

Facts About Rohi

Rohi's birthday is on the 27th of September; she is 2 years old.  Like most kea she likes to eat berries, rubbish, carrion (which means dead animals e.g. road kill), roots, nectar and sometimes sheep. Mrs McGhie won't let Rohi eat sheep though because she thinks it's very mean and quite a naughty thing to do.  You mostly find kea in the mountains of the South Island.  They like to play with people's cars during the ski season.  They jump on the roof of the car, they pull on the aerial, scratch at the windows and pull on the wipers. 
Rohi was adopted by Mrs McGhie so she doesn't know much about her real family because she was just a baby when Mrs McGhie first got her.  She loves listening to stories because she has a very clever brain.  She likes to travel because then she can see new places and meet lots of new people.
Rohi doesn't have any kea friends but her best friend is Pythagoras the Bear who lives in our classroom and visits a different house each night. He only travels to our houses while Rohi gets to have the big adventures.  She is also friends with all of us.


  1. I love your writing about Rohi. I really dig that you have a kea and a bear [I love his name too]. I love it most because I think Kea are the MOST AMAZING birds! David Attenburgh did an amazing show on how clever Kea are too. I have seen them near the tunnel in the south island and they are amazing to watch - they really DO take the rubber out of your car windows too!
    Awesome writing - keep it up guys!

  2. Room 12 @ Raumati Beach has some questions:

    Does have Rohi have a special bed or place to sleep?
    Where has Rohi travelled so far?
    Does she steal other people's food?
    Is there one specific mountain area that she comes from?
    How does Rohi travel and when did she start travelling?
    How many schools has Rohi visited so far?
    What is Rohi's favourite:
    * Number
    * Colour
    * Computer/XBox360 game
    * Food

    We're really excited that Rohi is going to be coming to visit us.