Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing Rohi

Rohi is a Kea.  She likes to travel and visit other schools.  When you squeeze her tummy she makes the Kea sound.  Rohi is 2 years old.  Keas are one of the most intelligent birds in the world.  Rohi is very clever and likes to learn new things.  Keas are mountain parrots and they are native to New Zealand.  Rohi has a medium sized beak and green feathers.  Underneath her wings it is orange.  When Rohi comes to visit your class she will bring a book that explains how Keas got the orange under their wings.
What else would you like to know about Rohi? Feel free to ask us any questions.
From Mrs McGhie and Room 16.


  1. I don't see keas where I live in Hamilton, New Zealand. Which part of NZ do they live? And what do they like to eat?

  2. Room 3 of Broadlands would like to know:
    When is Rohi’s Birthday?
    Has Rohi got many bird friends?
    Does Rohi like books read to her?
    What does Rohi eat?
    Does Rohi have a family? If she does what are their names?
    Where is Rohi’s real home?
    Why does Rohi travel?
    Do you know how many Keas are left in New Zealand?
    We are looking forward to your answers.

  3. The teachers of Broadlands are looking forward to meeting you Rohi.