Friday, February 18, 2011

Rohi Goes for a Ride

This morning Mr Hazlitt brought his own ride on mower from home. Rohi went for a ride with him when he was mowing. She is well camouflaged. Can you spot her?Then something even more exciting happened. Glenview School had a visit from a Stock car. Rohi managed to sneak into the car and perch herself on the driver's seat. Here she is. Can you see her through the wire windscreen?
Do you think a kea could wreck the windscreen on this car?

Room 11 at Glenview School


  1. We hop that Rohi had a fun time in the car and having a ride on the lawn mower. Some of us think keas could wreck the wire on the car and some of us think they couldn't. We think you are really lucky to have a swimming pool at your school because we don't have one. We were wondering, is it warm or cold? Does it get yucky? How wide and how long is it? Also how deep is it? Did Rohi like the swimming pool? Has she been for a swim?

    We hope Rohi has a fantastic weekend, we can't wait to hear all about it.

    From Mrs McGhie and Room 16

  2. Wow, what an adventurous Kea! She must be very brave not to get a fright from all of the noise? Now I think that the question at the end of the post must be a trick question because I know something about stock cars and their windscreens, but I don't want to give it away ;-)
    But since Rohi seems like a pretty extraordinary Kea, I will have to say YES to her being able to wreck the windscreen.