Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rohi in Hamilton

On Tuesday Rohi the Kea came to Glenview school in Hamilton. Rohi came from Mrs McGhie and Room 16 in Auckland. She came in a package. The package had bubble wrap to keep her safe. There were letters from Room 16 in the package too. We read them all.

We looked on Google and we found that Hamilton is 126km away from Auckland. That's how far Rohi has traveled so far.

This afternoon Rohi is going to help Mr Hazlitt mow the grass.*

Room 11 at Glenview School.

*Mr Hazlitt is the caretaker. His ride on mower broke down today so he couldn't take Rohi for a ride.


  1. Wow! That is so cool. Whose idea was that for Rohi to travel to Hamilton ?

    Mrs She.

  2. Hi Room 11
    We're really glad that Rohi arrived safely. Mrs McGhie was wondering how Rohi felt after being stuck in the bubblewrap for the whole weekend? She hope she'd left a big enough breathing hole for Rohi. Wow! 126km!!! Many of us didn't realise you were so far away. On Monday Mrs McGHie is going to help us to set up a map where we can mark all the places Rohi is visiting.

    From Mrs McGhie and Room 16

  3. Liam and his mummy were checking out where Rohi has been on his adventures... it turns out that Rohi went visiting Glenview school which is where Liam's mummy went to school in Hamilton. What a small world.